For fashion forward moms

We, Naama and Yodan created Didoo out of our need for a personal and fashionable statement.

During my maternity leave, spending most of the day walking around the

streets of Tel Aviv with my baby, I felt I lacked the uniqueness, fashionable statement, chic and urban look in my stroller.

On those days that I barely had time to wash, let alone put on makeup, polish my nails or even shower, I found myself walking around the streets looking at beautiful, well-kept women and on the other hand seeing tired looking mothers walking with baby strollers far from fashionable and unique.

So together with my husband we established Didoo .

Didoo was created for mothers who love fashion, aesthetics, and visibility. We took a required product for every parent and made it interesting, cool, fashionable, exciting and bearing a statement.

Why look like everyone else if you can be unique?

We, at Didoo Covers, have original, colorful, exclusive and unique designs that keep you, the parents, stylish and up-to-date.

Whether it’s for a new baby or just to change the atmosphere, you can enjoy renewing your pram with a new cover or even to change covers like changing fashion items.

And when another child is born, there is no need to walk around with the old stroller because it can be easily renewed and feel like new one.

Waiting to see you walking proudly on the street with your new Didoo♥


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