Privacy Policy

Didoo Covers is a website (hereinafter “the Website“), which is (among other things) a virtual store for purchases via the internet platform. The website owner and operator is Didoo Company, whose registered office is at 8th Haviva Reik Street, Givatayim.

An action on the website is any act performed on the website, including the purchase of products and/or services offered on the website (hereinafter: “a Transaction”). The provisions of these terms shall apply to any action performed by the user, as defined below, in the website.

These Terms of Use constitute a binding contract between the user and Didoo Company, for all intents and purposes. It is hereby clarified that browsing the website and/or executing transactions in the website constitute the user’s consent to accept and to act in accordance with the provisions of the following terms. If you do not agree to any of these terms of use, you are requested not to make any use of the website. Any user who performs an action on the website declares that he is aware of the provisions of the website’s terms and accepts them, and that he and/or anyone acting on his behalf will have no claim and/or case against the site owners and/or its operators and/or anyone on their behalf, according to these regulations and rules of participation.

For the purpose of these terms, a “user” is any person, including a corporation, who may use the website, including the execution of actions through it, all subjected to the fulfillment of the following cumulative conditions:

  • The user is qualified to perform binding legal actions; If you are a minor (under the age of 18) or are not entitled to perform legal actions without the consent of a guardian, you are required to inform your parents and/or legal guardians (hereinafter: “the Guardians”) of the provisions of these regulations and obtain their prior approval for any activity within the website. The guardians are responsible for informing minors who wish to browse the website regarding the regulations and, in particular, to supervise the activities of the minors so that the minors will act according to the terms of these regulations and in accordance with the guardian’s permission. Any activity performed by the minors on the website constitutes consent of the minors and the guardians to the provisions of the terms.
  • The user is allegeable to have an Israeli or international credit card.
  • The user has an active e-mail account.

General terms

It is hereby clarified that Didoo company may, at its discretion, discontinue the activity of the website at any time without prior notice.

Didoo Company reserves the right to prevent access to the website and/or the possibility to make purchases via the website and/or to cancel the participation of a user whose behavior is inappropriate or does not comply with the terms of use or who attempts to harm the proper management of the website.

These Terms of Use may be modified and/or updated at any time by Didoo Company and/or anyone on its behalf, at their sole discretion.

The provisions of these regulations apply equally to members of both sexes. The chapter headings are presented for convenience and user orientation only and will not be used to interpret the terms.

Services offered by the website

The website offers a variety of content and/or services and/or actions, including the services listed below:

Browse various contents. Purchase of products. Share and send items appearing on the website, from the user to his friends and acquaintances, via e-mail and/or sharing through social networks, providing feedback and/or responses to items and/or content on the website that will be posted on the website’s Facebook and/or Instagram page. It is hereby clarified that Didoo Company may choose, at its sole and absolute discretion, whether to publish or prevent the publication of any feedback. Subscription to the newsletter (receiving technical information, marketing and advertising content, as the user chooses).

It is hereby clarified, that Didoo Company does not undertake that all such content and/or services will be provided and/or will be provided continuously on the website, and it may modify (including expand or reduce) the list of contents and/or services provided by the website, at its sole discretion. It is hereby clarified that Didoo Company may choose to disqualify and/or refrain from posting any response and/or feedback and/or image and/or content (hereinafter: “the Content”), which in its sole and absolute discretion may be offensive to the public’s feelings and/or is of a blatant or sexually offensive nature and/or may cause a violation of any property rights and/or is contrary to the provisions of any law and/or for any other reason.

Purchase on the website

The website enables, among other things, the selection and purchase of items from the items appearing on the website, in a fast, easy and comfortable way. In order to place an order, a user must first select the item from the “Product Catalog” which will display the item’s details and the sale price (hereinafter: “Item’s Page”). Note that Didoo Company may, but does not have to, update the item’s page from time to time, add or subtract details, remove products out of stock, and/or change the price of the item from time to time. The prices shown on the website include VAT by law, unless explicitly stated otherwise. In order to make a purchase on the website, the user will be asked to type basic details such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and credit card number. For the order to be executed quickly and without mishaps, the correct details must be submitted, otherwise Didoo Company will not be able to guarantee the execution of the order (hereinafter: “An Execution of an Order”).

Please note that knowingly providing false information may constitute a criminal offense. Such actions may be subjected to civil and criminal legal proceedings, including compensations for damage caused by them. The information provided by the user will also be used for sending (via e-mail) special promotions and/or updates from the website or to promote sales, subjected to the user’s explicit permission to do so. Upon making an order, Didoo Company will clarify the credit card details and subjected to confirmation by the credit card companies, the user will be given an appropriate notice that the order has been approved. Ordering the product(s) purchased through the website (i.e. executed by the user and approved by Didoo Company) shall hereinafter be referred to as “the Items.”

Conditions for completion of the Purchase Transaction:

A transaction will be executed only after completion of the order process and after Didoo Company receives appropriate approval from the credit card company. In the event that a transaction is not approved by the credit company, the user will receive an appropriate notice. The completion of a purchase transaction is conditional upon the requested items being in stock when the order is completed. In the case of an item being out of stock and/or that there is a problem with its supply, for any reason, Didoo Company may notify the user of the order’s cancellation. Such notice shall be delivered to the user via e-mail and/or by telephone, at the Company’s choice. In such case, the user will not have any argument against Didoo Company and by placing an order, the user waives any such claim. Didoo Company reserves the right to limit the quantity of items per order.

The order will be recorded on the Didoo Company’s computers. Please note that sending an e-mail regarding the registration of the order in Didoo’s computerized system does not constitute evidence of completion of the transaction and the e-mail delivery itself does not obligate Didoo Company. It is clarified that Didoo’s computer system records, which include computerized and automatic registration of all the transactions on the website, constitute prima facie evidence of their contents.

Supply and delivery

The users may choose to supply the items ordered directly to their home address and/or to another destination of their choice.


Delivery information

Didoo Company will supply the user with the items through an independent shipping company (hereinafter: “the Shipping Company”). The items purchased will be delivered by the shipping company within 7 business days from the date of placing the order on the website. Didoo Company is not responsible for any act and/or omission of the shipping company, including delay in carrying out the products. Items will not be delivered on Fridays/Saturdays/holiday and holiday eves. Didoo Company is not obligated to supply the items to areas with limited security access. The delivery of the items to the user’s home entails the payment of shipping fees as detailed on the website (hereinafter: “shipping fees”). Shipping fees will be added to the item price specified on the website. The shipping fees will be charged for delivery to one destination, whether one or more items are ordered.


All intellectual property rights, including copyrights, models, methods and trade secrets, are the property of the website and the owners of the website only. These rights apply, inter alia, to the products, designs, prints, descriptions and design of the products and any other details related to its use. One may not copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, market or translate any information from the website, including trademarks (whether or not registered), images and texts, designs, prints, images and so forth, without a prior written permission of the website’s management

Cancelation by the user

The user may cancel a transaction executed on the website in accordance with the provisions of the Israeli Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: “the Consumer Protection Law”) or alternatively, replace the product against an equivalent replacement product or monetary credit, as follows: Once a transaction is completed and the item is shipped, cancellation will be executed via e-mail to Didoo Company.

Under such circumstances, the user will be entitled to receive a full refund of the payment (including shipping fees, if collected). Cancellation of the transaction after the item was received by the user, not due to a defected product and/or discrepancies, the user will be entitled to cancel the transaction within 14 days of receipt of the product by sending a message via the “Contact Us” page or to [email protected]

Cancellation of the transaction is subjected to returning the item to Didoo Company at his expense, when it is in the original packaging, complete, without being used and without any defect. Due to the cancellation of the transaction, the company will charge a cancellation fee of 5% of the transaction amount or 100 NIS (whichever is lower) which will be deducted from the refund made by the company. If the item received by the user was defected, the user may cancel the transaction within 14 days from receiving the item, by returning it to Didoo Company. For any questions related to inquiries, exchanges, returns, etc., please contact us by the “Contac Us” page on the website. In any case, returning a product, replacing it with another product or obtaining a monetary credit will be made subject to the following conditions:

Returning the product to Didoo Company, together with the invoice, a refund in the event of cancellation of a transaction shall be effected by crediting the credit card in which the transaction was made within 14 days of receipt of the returned item.

Security and privacy

Didoo Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf, take the necessary precautionary measurements in order to preserve, to the extent possible, the confidentiality of the information they receive. The user’s personal details (name, e-mail, etc.) will be stored in Didoo’s database. The Didoo website is a secure site. The data that will be provided to the system by users at a time of registration and/or browsing and/or at a time of a purchase, will remain confidential and secure. It should be emphasized; credit card information of users using the website is not saved on the company’s systems. It is hereby clarified that since the actions are carried out in an online environment, Didoo Company cannot guarantee absolute immunity from penetration into one’s computer or the disclosure of the information stored by those who carry out illegal activities. Therefore, if a third party succeeds in penetrating or misusing information saved by the website, the user shall have no claim or demand against Didoo Company. In addition, in cases arising from “force majeure”, Didoo Company shall not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused to the user or anyone acting on his behalf, if any information provided is lost or accessed by a hostile party and/or used without authorization. Didoo Company undertakes not to make use of details of the users on the website, except for the purposes of operating the website, executing user’s purchases and maintaining contact with the user.

However, Didoo Company may transfer personal details of a user to a third party in cases in which the user has committed an act or omission that harms and/or is likely to harm Didoo Company and/or a third party; the user has used the company’s services to perform an illegal act; if Didoo Company has received a judicial order instruction to provide the user’s information to a third party, as well as any dispute or legal proceeding. In addition, Didoo Company can use the user’s personal details, without the specific user ID, to analyze statistical information and display it and/or deliver it to other entities.

Cancellation of a transaction by Didoo Company

Didoo Company reserves the right to terminate at any time, at its sole discretion, the activity on the website and/or cancel a user’s purchase transaction, including but not limited to, in any of the following cases: If after the conclusion of the purchase transaction it was discovered that the item was out of stock. If the credit cards details and the full details of the user were not entered into the system. In any case in which an action was taken contrary to these terms of use. The user has committed an illegal act and/or has violated the provisions of law; the user gave incorrect details during the purchase transaction and/or afterwards; the user has committed an act or omission that may harm Didoo Company or anyone acting on its behalf and/or the proper operation of the website and/or any other third party; if in the Didoo’s Company eyes, the user intends to resell the items purchased through the website to a third party. In any case where, due to “force majeure,” it is not possible to make the proper management of the website, to provide the user’s products and/or to meet its other obligations. In this section “force majeure”: including computer malfunctions, malfunctions in the telephone system or malfunctions in other communications systems and any sabotage or security incident. In such circumstances, Didoo Company may cancel the transaction.

If such sale was canceled, Didoo Company shall not be liable and shall not bear, in any event, any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the user or to a third party, including, but not limited to, damages in respect of the purchase of the product and/or service by a third party at a higher price.

Customer service

For details and clarifications regarding products and/or their supply, please contact us by telephone or the “Contact Us” page.

Law and judgment

The law applying to these regulations and/or to any action and/or dispute arising from the terms above is solely the Israeli law. The sole authority to discuss any dispute arising directly or indirectly from the provisions of these terms and/or from the use and/or purchases on the website, shall be to the courts in the Tel Aviv District and not to any other court or other judicial entities.


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