didoo artist line

The idea of creating an Artist Line started together with the idea of making designed covers for strollers.
We think it is a natural fit and a great way to add additional value to the designed cover and at the same time to support local artists.

While searching for the next design, we stumbled upon the work of Aviram Levy of think cow studio.

Aviram’s art is distincted by minimalistic lines and dividing the object into its elements while presenting them from different points of view simultaneously.

Aviram takes inspiration from early 20th century artists and adds a modern and colorful look and a dash of humor. Many of the objects are inspired by comic books, children’s literature and other visual fields.

Aviram Levy, artist, owner of the think cow. studio and brand.
Creating complete stories in a single stroke of the brush.


new line on its way!

Our new line is in preparation and with it all the missing items in stock

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